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Praga Racing ANZ brings together two like minded motorsport enthusiasts as a formidable team to promote the Praga brand as the exclusive distributor and service agents of the R1 in Australia and New Zealand.

Rick Campbell, as CEO and owner of technology consulting firms with direct operations across the European, US and Asia Pacific regions, has indulged his passion as a racing car driver on some of the most challenging circuits internationally throughout Australia, the Middle East, US and Europe.

Nik Manukyan, the owner and principle of Euro Motorsport (EMS), one of Australia’s leading prestige auto performance and luxury car service specialists, has provided an unparalleled level of engineering expertise to the owners of high-performance European Supercars for over 15 years.

Praga Racing ANZ will take delivery of the first two R1’s in quarter four of 2021 with a view to participating in a National Prototype race series in Australia commencing in early 2022 and offering an end-to- end proposition for the purchase, servicing and support of the Praga R1 for both track days and those wishing to race the ultimate in high-performance, lightweight and aerodynamically advanced race cars at an affordable price.

The Praga R1 is a true revolution in sports racing cars. There is no other racing car like it. Nothing blends together a unique carbon fibre chassis with highly-evolved aerodynamic bodywork and bespoke engineering quite like it.

Furthermore, no car in its class can match the Praga R1’s safety features and cost-effectiveness.

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Designed to thrill
engineered to win


The Praga R1 takes the established conventions of racing car design and amplifies them. When we talk about lightweighting, we do so with the authority of a brand that has designed and built a proven bespoke carbon fibre chassis.

When we talk about aerodynamics, we do so as a company that understands that a racing driver requires grip not only for outright speed, but for confidence, driver feel and overtaking performance.

And when we talk about strength, integrity and reliability, we do so as a company that has established these as guiding principles.

We don’t do things differently just for the sake of it. We analyse, improve, test and evolve.


There is a reason that the fastest racing cars in the world employ a carbon fibre chassis: safety. The R1 far exceeds recognised standards and we are confident that it is the safest car in its class.

Carbon monocoque

With Zylon bodywork panels manufactured to prevent penetration and a second generation monocoque improved with additional layers of carbon fibre, the R1 driver can feel confident and secure in an enviroment designed to keep them safe.

Zylon Composite/aluminium panel Aluminium honeycomb

Crash structures

Both the R1’s crash structures (front and rear) are made from high-strength carbon fibre and tested to extremes beyond what is to be expected in competition.

Front crash box Survival cell Rear crash box Side-mounted crumple zone

Interior safety

The R1 driver sits between the front and rear crash structures and side-mounted crumple zones for increased safety performance. Plus both the pedal box and collapsible steering column are designed to reduce risks inside the R1. Removable interior door hinges are also fitted as standard.

Collapsible safety elements Hazard button Collapsible safety elements SCHROTH 6-point Profi harness

Fuel cell
and fire extinguisher

A high-specification foam-filled FIA approved fuel cell comes as standard, plus a mechanically-operated fire extinguisher system for both the engine bay and the cabin.

Exterior trigger OMP extinguishing system FIA FT3-1999 Interior trigger

Braking system

Exceptional stability and retardation – courtesy of 280mm discs all round, with 4‑piston calipers by industry experts AP Racing. Integrated and improved cooling ducts improve component longevity and effectiveness over a race distance.

Brake pressure sensor 4-piston calipers Cooling ducts

Endurance lighting

For turning night into day during those challenging endurance stints after dark, the R1 features two pairs of improved high intensity LED headlights, carefully selected for colour temperature to maximise sharpness and definition. These lights are manufactured from 3D printed carbon fibre and nylon composite and are watertight to IP65 standards.

Perfected at the highest levels of track motorsport Carbon series Highly efficient high intensity 11W LED technology


Dry weight: 643 kg (1418 lb)
Height x Length x Width: 978 x 4130 x 1803 mm (38,5 x 162,6 x 70,98 in)
Wheel base: 2527 mm (99,49 in)
Engine R-A Praga T Engine
Cylinders/valves: 4/16
Engine power: 365 bhp @ 6900 RPM
Engine torque: 395 Nm (302 lb ft) @ 3750-6000 RPM
Displacement: 1998 cm3 (121,93 in3)
Bore x Stroke: 82,7 x 93 mm (3,256 x 3,661 in)
Location: Mid, longitudinally mounted
Engine life: 4500 Km (2796 miles) before rebuild

Reliable performance, courtesy of a highly efficient four-cylinder engine built by the specialist racing division at Alpine Renault, and honed with bespoke engineered Praga parts for increased driveability, power and torque.

With sufficient tank capacity for around 90 minutes of racing, the fuel system is optimised with two main pumps – with one used as a spare. The low-pressure pumps propel all 92 litres of fuel to the injection system, ensuring no scavenging issues when fuel levels reduce. Minimising these variables means that endurance racers and team-managers can accurately predict fuel consumption over a race distance – long or short.

Custom-made Hewland JFR six-speed gearbox with interchangeable gearsets for circuits of all lengths and configurations. Bespoke paddle-operated system with flat-shift and auto blip included, plus a lightweight triple-plate competition clutch.

We understand drivers. And we know that feel is a crucial element in operating a racing car – the ability to immediately sense the behaviour of the car in the corners and braking zones. It’s with this in mind that we have evolved these areas of the car with second generation components including roll bars, lightened uprights, and revised steering geometry. The result? Trust, confidence, and a car that obeys your commands.

Advanced turbocharger management Intelligent aftercooling Short route volume optimized intercooler with roof- mounted ram air intake
FIA FT3-1999 High tensile-strength material lightweight, highly flexibile and remarkably rugged DuPont Kevlar fibres Fuel level and pressure indicator
Lightweight Bespoke casing optimized for oil flow with external oil pump and oil/water heat exchanger Designed for easy ratio changes without the need of removing transmission from the vehicle
Double wishbone suspension Inboard pushrod suspension Adjustable toe and camber, adjustable anti-roll bar and a 2-way adjustable dampers


In 2020, the Praga R1 scored overall victory in the highly competitive Britcar Endurance series.

With 7 wins of 9 races and scoring fastest laps and pole positions in the process – Praga outpaced far more exotic and expensive-to-run machinery.

Race Series

Praga works closely with governing bodies and race organisers all over the world. The R1 is eligible for a number of highly competitive and popular championships – with more to be revealed. If your chosen championship is not listed, please get in touch.

Praga plan to expand our race programme significantly across Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Australia as well as launching a unique, one-make race Praga R1 race series in UK/Eu.

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“It was a good feeling driving this car. I enjoyed it a lot.”

Sébastien Loeb


“I was amazed by the R1’s agility.”

David Coulthard


“That was f*cking amazing!”

Felix Baumgartner


“I liked the Praga R1’s sharpness. Great chassis!”

Martin Prokop


“It was a pleasure to be the first one to race the R1.”

Tom Onslow-Cole


Partnerships on the track

Praga has a technical partnership with a Formula 1 team engineering division and works closely with driver Romain Grosjean. Praga also recently announced Josef Král, one of the Czech Republic‘s most successful and influential racing drivers, as Head of Motorsport.

All of these assets will be utilised across our motor racing activities and will integrate with Team Praga.

114 Years of Innovation...
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The Praga brand was founded over 100 years ago and the company has since designed, engineered and manufactured hundreds of thousands of automobiles, trucks and buses, motorcycles, airplanes, military and agricultural machinery. Consumer-driven model line-ups and bespoke solutions to challenging technical briefs were introduced across Praga’s portfolio.

Praga became one of Central Europe’s biggest automotive engineering firms in the first half of the 20th Century and grew to become one of Czechoslovakia’s “big three” brands.

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